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Make time for your inner journey, the time of your life…
Want to travel in India and do not know where to start?
Looking for a different unique offer?
Searching for a discipline on the spiritual path?

Long renowned for its restorative health benefits, yoga can be both an excellent fitness workout and a way to find peace of mind. Yoga retreats are the best opportunity to restore your balance, enhancing your practice, experiencing meditation and deep relaxation.

Yoga retreats takes place twice a year and they will be announced during the year in this section or in the calendar, please check the calendar carefully for dates and selected unique destinations.

Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced yoga practitioner, you will love my selection of yoga retreats, which could take you to India, the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, Bali in Indonesia or anywhere in the world. And we can also come to you.

In the Dominican Republic and India we can design a cross training combination of yoga, dance, cycling trips, trekking and surfing.
Tours and one-week retreats in India or DR for small groups of 3 to 12 persons.

“Life is a journey in an unknown country.”
R. Tagore




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