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To me the concept of healing is always linked to spiritual growth; every step toward balance and better health is one step towards unity with our divine nature.

The purpose of purification (tapas) is to attune ones life and to refine it into a higher order of purity and spirituality; to be able to understand the advantages of human existence; to realize Divinity; and achieve enlightenment.

The therapy in itself is a way of life – changing your habits and learning about the importance of the foundations. This means that it is important to build solid and firm foundations to establish your practice and to be able to make changes and transformations in your life.

In yogic terms, klesas or inborn afflictions are causal factors responsible for samskaras or deep-rooted impressions of the past, accumulated through years, due mainly to our unresolved conflicts. They, thus, moderate an individual’s future events as well as general response patterns. Klesas correspond to the fluctuation of the emotional field.

The psycho-physiological disturbances can only be eliminated through the process of purification, meditation and relaxation. As the sacred scriptures mention:
“The sins accumulated during the whole cycle of life can only be destroyed through the practice of meditation, there is no other way”

DhyanaBindu Upanisad



The natural elements play a fundamental role in many ancient healing and spiritual traditions. Yogadance Therapy™ is also based in the theory of the five elements.

There are many different therapeutic approaches in this art, but the main aspect will be a preventive training based into taking in consideration the biological constitution of the individual and his personality. According to “Ayurvedic principles and genetics” just as everyone has a unique fingerprint, every person has a unique pattern of energy, an individual combination of physical, mental, and emotional characteristics which comprises their own constitution. The basis of the creative approach is openness and insight; before to start practicing the first essential work is relating to ourselves, because to know about our own nature and elements, we must have a complete understanding of the symbolism of each element and its qualities.




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