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Teaching experience in Yogadance Therapy™

National Ballet of Dominican Republic. RD. 2006 and 2008
Sasha Waltz Dance Company. Festival Mahotsav (NSD). India. 2007
Ballet Roto. Contemporary Dance Company. DR. 2006 – 2007- 2008
Terence Lewis Dance Company. Mumbai, India. 2007
Vienna Improvisation Tanzco (Vimprodanco). Vienna 2007
Danceworxs Dance Company. New Delhi. India. 2006 – 2007 – 2008
Chosan University. Dance and Health Sciences Faculty. South Korea. 2005


How You Can Support This Work

There are many things you can do to help us build a brighter future for the welfare of the new emerging art of Yogadance Therapy™ and support healthier dancers and free of injuries.

We greatly appreciate any donations to support our efforts. Even a small contribution can make a major difference.


> This support will help to develop Yogadance Therapy™ as an effective technique of alternative art therapies and holistic health care models.
> These resources empower the link between yogadance and the body-mind therapy community. They create opportunities for artists to advance in their specific goals and the further development of dance and science in cooperation with this art.
> You can support a programme of scholarship for talented young dancers to learn YDT™ to continue the transmission of the art and to be able to create the future “Yogadance Therapy™ Centre”.
> You can also provide “space” for us to organize a workshop or retreats in your area.
> Or just choose to try out one of our programmes or retreats.

At this time we have only a small, largely volunteer staff with very limited time and resources. Your contribution helps to support this important work.

Donors’ names will be published in a list with their approval in this website.
Learn about our project: The YOGADANCE THERAPY™ CENTRE.
For more information write a mail to us at asanarte@yogadancetherapy.com



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