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Yogadance Therapy™: Integrating Art, Science and Philosophy. Application of yoga in the art of dance.

Key words:
Art therapy method, Yoga and dance science

This research focuses on the efforts to find an alternative therapeutic art form from some of the oldest postural patterns and movements of the world culture heritage, creating a new philosophy of performance allowing the transformation and transmission of energy through kinesthetic expressions of wellness and spiritual comprehensive awareness. Yogadance Therapy™ (YDT™) is a method based on the systematic application of yoga principles in the art of dance; combining a movement oriented sequence of Asanas (postural patterns) and purification techniques and training inspired in three world dance traditions: Indian classical dance, Ballet and contemporary dance. The research on YDT™ is based on a movement-oriented awareness art therapy, an integrative art form and discipline that combines: yoga, dance, and philosophy, three complementing and purifying practices for the body and mind. The method is a product of a cross training combination of Yoga, dance, Ayurveda and holistic traditions, including meditation techniques, visualizations, body-mind therapy and choreography.

10 years of practice and research collecting evidence in the ancient scriptures about the historical links between yoga and dance in India.

Teaching practice during research:
Two groups of 15 practitioners ages 18 to 40, from the Dance Faculty Chosan University South Korea and Yoga Korea, group I was composed of yoga teachers with no dance experience and group II was composed of advanced dancers with no yoga experience, recruited for an intensive 12 weeks workshop on YDT™ training and applications. The results were satisfactory from both groups, the dancers increased their quality of movement and spatial awareness, finding optimal balance and concentrating at ease. The yogi’s bodies opened to perform any kind of dance movement, improving their flexibility and endurance with the dance training. The teaching practice with both groups allowed to design a training method balancing Yoga, a discipline that directs itself inwards, and dance an art that directs itself outwards.

This data demonstrates that Yoga can be of an immense benefit to optimize performance, artistic qualities and prevent injuries in dance or sports, therefore exploring the interaction of these two parallel body-mind disciplines that enrich and enhance each other, opening a wider perception and holistic learning experience and insight to find the healing properties of a spiritual art form.

The result aims to create body mind awareness and patterns for a therapeutic choreography to bring back to balance the practitioner and also to introduce the concept of meditation in action in the art of performance.

What is interesting in this technique is that the mind keeps a focus while enhancing one’s vitality and well being. This art is born in India, Yoga is the father and dance is the mother, from this interaction an original research emerges to find the healing properties of a spiritual art form.

Research and poster presentation published at the 2nd Sytar Symposium on Yoga Therapy and research by the International Yoga Therapy association. L.A California, march 2008.



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